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Is there a timeframe to start building once my land is titled?

Home construction must commence within 18 months from settlement date of your lot and home construction must be completed within 12 months of build commencement.
Landscaping must commence within 3 months from occupancy permit.

Does the site flood?

There has been extensive flood modelling and design done which incorporates significant stormwater infrastructure construction around the boundary of the site to ensure that no residential flooding will occur. An upgrade of the existing Northern Highway culverts will also attribute to this.

Will there be traffic lights at the entrance of McMahon’s Place and the Northern Highway?

There are no traffic lights at the entrance, however, in the interim, there will be an acceleration slip lane from a left turn out of the estate.
Ultimately a large roundabout will be constructed on the Northern Highway as an entry and exit to the site.

Can I build any style of home?

No, there are Design Guidelines that apply to all homes built at McMahon’s Place. This ensures the aesthetics of the development are cohesive and prevents neighbourly disputes. Building designs need to be submitted to the NDG Design Portal for approval which usually takes approximately 10 business days.

Does McMahon’s Place have NBN?

McMahon’s Place has NBN broadband.

Where are the nearest schools located?

Echuca Twin Rivers Primary is a public school located approximately a 5-minute drive from McMahon’s Place and Echuca College Secondary School is a 4-minute drive.

What is the energy rating requirement for a new home?

All new houses in Australia need to meet a minimum energy efficiency rating of 7 stars under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).
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Does McMahon’s Place have gas?

There is no gas within the estate. From January 1, 2024, new gas connections for new homes in residential subdivisions requiring planning permits are being phased out.
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Where is the closest shopping centre?

Echuca West Woolworths is a 3 minute drive

What public transport is close by?

Public transport is easily accessible with the Echuca to Echuca South Bus route 750 metres from the estate. The Echuca Train Station is a 6 minute drive.

What Shire is McMahon’s Place in?

McMahon’s Place is located in the Campaspe Shire
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